Photoset: Heybrook Lookout

When Seattle gives you a beautiful day, you take advantage of it.

I picked a hike randomly out of a list and hit the road. Heybrook Lookout didn't disappoint. Although the trail is a short out and back, you get a lot of view for the trek. After a mile in, there's a wooden tower at the top of a little bluff.

I only met a handful of people at the top of the tower. All the photographers left 5 minutes before the start of magic hour, so I had the lookout all to myself to take some snaps. I felt bad for them.

For anyone in Seattle that wants an easy hike to see a scenic overlook of the North Cascades, I highly recommend Heybrook Lookout. It's only an hour and a half drive along US 2 with an 800 ft climb over 2 miles out and back. Super easy with great views.

I want to go back for a picnic.

Take a look.