Photo Shoot: Bee Nguyen

Bee is undertaking a new adventure in her life, and she wanted a few photos to send out to publications. We were able to grab a large number of setups in one day, taking over 1000 photos in about 14 hours. The lighting and weather cooperated, and I’m proud of what we got.

Bee is an incredible person with a lot of accolades, degrees, and recognition. All of her accomplishments warrant their own blog post, but I want to speak more about our friendship. Each location we visited around downtown Atlanta had it’s own personal history with Bee. Although the technical part of my brain was focused on learning how to capture her physicality, the emotional part of me was absorbing her spirit. Modeling for a photograph takes a little courage, but Bee’s bravery extended into modeling her life through these locations. These moments were raw. We grew much closer, and I’m incredibly grateful to be a witness to her life.

Two virtues I value in photography:
1. Be dedicated to your work ethic in making a picture.
2. Be empathetic.

We did a lot of work. I may have been the one releasing the shutter, but Bee was unveiling some of the most turbulent moments of her life. The least I could do as a photographer was to capture as many moments as possible. The least I could do as a friend was to listen.

Bee, thanks for your bravery and inviting me to listen to your stories.

Take a look.