Photoset: Diablo Lake

The past couple of weeks have been full of family, friends, and mountains. I've been busy with work since moving to Seattle in February, so I'm trying to squeeze a summer of hikes into the back six weeks of the season.

After hosting my parents over Labor Day (and making a second outing to Mt. Saint Helens), Michael decided to swing by for a weekend on his way back home from visiting relatives and friends in Sacramento. He originally planned to show me his old stomping grounds on the Olympic peninsula, but decided he wanted to explore something new after some prodding from Steph. Destination: Diablo Lake.

Diablo Lake is a glacier-fed reservoir two and a half hours northeast of Seattle. We stopped to snap some shots at the overlook, then hit Diablo Lake Trail. Out and back from dam to dam, we covered 8 miles in just under four and a half hours. The weather was perfect, and the air was super fresh. It smelled like that 4D evergreen scent during that one part on the ride Soarin' at Disney World/Land.

On the way back home, we talked about five-year plans, college football, and everything. Most importantly, we discovered Michael's karaoke song is "Never There" by Cake.

Take a look.